Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Heart Felt Response:

      “This film was shown to us at an important time when the Lord was teaching me about election, justification, and sanctification. Not being brought up in the true Word of God, my Lord had been showing me through Scripture that salvation is a work of the Lord, rather than a work of man. Unbeknownst to others, it was during this time that our family had been invited to view this presentation. During the viewing, and discussion afterwards, there were many truths and ideas that I was beginning to understand from Scripture that were presented and made even more plain concerning the sovereignty of God and the foolishness of works-based and man-centered salvation. This event was a learning experience for me, showing me how God works things for His glory, and He is the one who molds and shapes our hearts. This is hard for many who do not want to trust in the sovereign and perfect will of God. 
     The film was well researched, presenting a wealth of information from Scripture as well as historical knowledge of the teachings, and consequences thereof, of Finney and Edwards. One can clearly discern how the teachings of Charles Finney have crept into and distorted the widespread teachings and practices in the modern American church. This film did not merely expose false teachings, but glorified God in presenting His true gospel message of the work and power of Jesus Christ to transform the hearts of men, and the need to return to the pure gospel of repentance and complete faith in the Lord and His ways rather than the encroaching ways of man. This film was effective in contrasting the man-centered teachings of Finney and the Christ-centered teachings of Jonathan Edwards. We plan to use this film as an additional tool to continue instructing our children in the importance of relying on the Lord and the truths found in His Word, rather than the devices and emotions of man. We learned many new things both historically and scripturally that provided much discussion within our family.” 

~ Catherine Ames